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5 amazing bar facts you didn’t know…

1) WHY DO WE “TOAST?” Let’s go back in time. The Ancient Romans used to drop a piece of toast into their wine for good health. They would put the toast in their fellow drinkers’ wines too and that’s where the phrase, “to toast”, comes from! 2) MARGARITA MAD How many Margaritas could you drink in an hour? We’d say two or three max, but did you know that 185,000 Margaritas are drunk every single hour in the USA, making it the most popular cocktail in the States! 3) STORIES OF SQUARES Ever wondered why Jack Daniels is in a square bottle? There’s actually a really practical idea behind it. As well as being original and standing out from other bourbon bottles, the square bottles don’t roll about and smash when being transported, and they’ve been that way since 1895. 4) THESE COCKTAIL FACTS ARE POPPING There are an estimated 49,000,000 bubbles in every bottle of champagne! Each bottle has three times more pressure than a car tire, so watch your eyes when you’re popping those bottles! 5) THE MOST EXPENSIVE COCKTAIL! The most expensive cocktail currently available is the “ Diamond Is Forever” served at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo. Costing almost £23,000 the cocktail, simply comprises of Grey Goose vodka with a lime twist, is so expensive because it comes with a single one-karat diamond. The jewel isn’t set, however, so take care when drinking not to swallow it!

Private Gin Tastings, Gin Bars and more

Grape Expectation Bars have now put Gin on the table to offer, with an idea of what we do, we have put together what we can offer bellow, with some examples of our most popular Gins. Private Gin Tastings For a home party or corporate event with a difference why not try one of our Gin Tastings. An informative talk from one of our mixologists (usually our owner) talking guests through a selection of four of our favourite craft Gins be it regional or popular Gins from our bar. Our tastings can take place in your home or from our premises located in Worcestershire. A well put together, informative and unpretentious journey through the botanical notes of each Gin, garnishes and tonic pairings are provided as well as glassware. Each tasting takes around an hour and 30 minutes and prices range from £25 - £30 per person. Gin bars Our Gin bars add a touch of class and lots of fun to any event from a private home party, Wedding bar or festival bar we have packages and themes to suit all budgets. Offering a real point of difference with our rustic look Gin bars, enthusiastic knowledgeable staff, stunning garnishes and of course beautiful tastings Gin selection. With over 150 Gins in stock we have something to suit any pallet so why not custom make your Gin menu today under the guidance of one of our expert bartenders. Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin The Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo gin was created by a family-owned chase distillery on their local chase farm in Preston Wynne, Herefordshire. The family crafted the special gin by copper pot distilling adding GB Gin with a bounty of pink grapefruit and pomelo peel leaving the ABV- 40%. This outstanding gin is zippy and zesty which...

Had to send out for more Gin and a DJ

We were indebted once again to Andrew and Alan Goadby for bringing decades of spirit knowledge to our latest sold out gin tasting. The carefully selected gins with specially prepared tapas resulted in an unforgettable evening with Thursday night disappearing into Friday morning. We are considering, after many requests to hold our next tasting on a non "school" night. The response to Jin Dea, Mayfield, Martin Miller, Gin Mare, and Polugar could not have been more enthusiastic. To conclude with an impromptu disco night was a great way to finish. Doubt if some of the moves that night could be replicated by the Strictly professionals.

The Sweet Potato Spirit Company

Who would have thought that the humble sweet potato could undertake such a gastronomical journey. Combining this much-loved ingredient with artisan distilling has proved an immediate hit. Every step of the process is honed to suit the particular drink being created, with one aim of producing a unique drinking experience. Since launching they have won The World Food Innovation Award for Best New Artisan Beverage and 3 medals in World Spirit Competitions. We are proud to be stockists and will be sharing some of our brand new Sweet Potato cocktails. Ask for an SP.  

Proud stockists of the Casanova Collections

Very few, to date, have been offered the opportunity outside of London to be stockists of the romantically named Casanova range of Prosecco. Our first introduction was at a function at the Ritz. We were so impressed and made some enquiries. We now proudly stock the entire range, comprising of: Superiore DOCG Extra Dry DOC Brut Rose Cuvee Prestige Extra Dry Cuvee Brut Henriette Cuvee Brut Rose Cuvee Rose Cuvee Prestige Extra Dry Exclusive Swarovski Edition Prosecco DOC Brut Now you do not need to visit the Ritz or a members club in Mayfair to enjoy the truly beautiful Casanova range. We know that the great man would have loved this prosecco as passionately as we and our guests do.

Upton folk festival

What a Bank Holiday weekend we enjoyed at the Upton Folk Festival. We were flat out keeping all our customers satisfied, providing them some of the finest draft ales available. Considerable thirsts were being built up with the competition fierce for the Andy Scarf Memorial trophy, the southern heat of the John Birmingham Cup for songwriters, the Upton in bloom duck race, the decorated duck race and the Demon Barbers clog dancing competition. We considered the setting idyllic, alongside the river, with magnificent views of the Malvern hills. We are already looking forward to welcoming back the hundreds of new friends we made over an unforgettable weekend. Next stop for us is the home of Guinness. Cannot wait for the academy and connoisseur experience.

Wedding party at the magnificent Southwell Minster Nottinghamshire

On a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon in April we had the tremendous pleasure of taking our champagne bar to the State Chamber at Southwell Minster. The chamber has housed many famous residents dating all the way back to Cardinal Wolsey and King Charles I. Dating back to 1360 you really feel the hand of history on your shoulder and know that if the walls could talk what a story they would have to tell. We served champagne and canapes until the wedding party was ready to move onto the formal reception. Our team of five thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work in such magnificent surroundings and were delighted to receive the kind thanks of the wedding hosts. We were simply delighted to play a small part in what we trust was an unforgettable day for all participants, including ourselves!

Alan and Andy Goadby bringing the Upton-Upon-Severn Wines magic and knowledge to our sold out Gin tasting event

Alan and Andy Goadby, held a captivated audience in the palms of their hands.Taking the attendees on a global gin based adventure. The other "stars" of the evening were: Cotswold Dry Gin NB Gin Jinzu Gin Tanqueray Rangpur Cruxland Gin infused with Kalahari Truffles Cotswolds Dry Gin Crafted in small batches to create a smooth London dry style gin with a Cotswold twist. Nose: fresh notes of grapefruit with earthy coriander backed-up by sweet juniper. Soft notes of black pepper with a hint of perfumed Cotswold’s lavender. Palate: clean, pine juniper spice with fresh grapefruit and coriander seed. A touch of dryness from the angelica root with eucalyptus notes from bay leaf. Subtle lime and lavender. Finish: Clean and balanced. Juniper, citrus and some cooling notes from bay leaf and cardamom. NB Gin NB Gin is made in North Berwick, Scotland, by a husband and wife distilling duo using a still which was custom-built in London. The gin itself is made from 100% British grain spirit and 8 carefully selected botanicals - the likes of juniper, lemon peel, grains of paradise, coriander seed, angelica root, cardamom, orris root and cassia bark all have their place in NB Gin. Very well balanced and stands out nicely in cocktails with sparks of citrus and refreshing juniper. Jinzu Gin From the juniper freshness of a British gin, to the zesty yuzu citrus that mellows in delicate hints of cherry blossom flavour, before a distinctly smooth sake finish, Jinzu takes you on a flavour journey from West to East.The vision for Jinzu is to push the boundaries of gin, becoming the No. 1 gin born in the new millennium. Tanqueray Rangpur Gin Tanqueray Rangpur Gin unveils the best kept secret of the British-Indian tradition. The rare Rangpur lime traditionally used to smooth down the gin...